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Archives for June 2013

Breast Implant Profile

While the most common discussion regarding your choice of breast implant type typically revolves around whether to use saline or silicone breast implants, it is also important to consider which type of implant profile will achieve the best results for your unique body type and aesthetic goals. The implant profile will play a major role in how far your breast implants will protrude from your chest.

During your breast augmentation consultation at our Philadelphia office, breast implant surgeon Dr. David Bottger will discuss breast implant profile options with you in great detail and work with you to arrive at the best choice to achieve your goals. You have three different breast implant profile options:

  • Low profile – This option will not result in significant protrusion from the chest wall, making it somewhat of a less popular choice among our patients. In general, low profile breast implants can be ideal for women who are happy with the size of their breasts, but would like to improve their cleavage and add some fullness to the center of their chest.
  • Moderate profile – This is the most common option used by Dr. Bottger. Moderate profile breast implants offer the dual benefit increased breast diameter and a perkier appearance.
  • High profile – High profile breast implants project the farthest from your chest, creating a dramatic contour at the top of the breast. High profile implants can achieve a roundness that is not accomplished by low and moderate profile breast implants.

Dr. David Bottger is a board certified plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience performing breast implant procedures in the Philadelphia area. He has worked extensively with all three breast implant profile types and can help you achieve beautiful results with each one.

Please contact Dr. David Bottger today to schedule your initial breast implant surgery consultation. We serve patients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Common Reasons for Breast Augmentation Revision

While breast augmentation achieves excellent results, has a very strong safety record, and enjoys a high satisfaction rate among patients, the procedure is not intended to last a lifetime. Like any other medical device, breast implants will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. The good news is that most women do not have to worry about a revision procedure for 15-20 years or longer.

But there are some cases where women choose to undergo breast augmentation revision surgery earlier than the point when their implants wear out. Some of the most common reasons women opt for breast augmentation revision include:

  • Change in size – It is common for women to decide that they would like a different sized breast implant after their procedure. Whether you would like to go bigger or feel that a smaller size would better suit your lifestyle, Philadelphia breast augmentation surgeon Dr. David Bottger can typically insert the new breast implant through the same incision to eliminate additional scarring.
  • Implant exchange – As the quality of silicone breast implants continue to improve, many women have chosen to exchange old saline implants for newer, more natural looking and feeling silicone breast implants.
  • Effects of aging – The aging process impacts breast implants as well as natural breasts. Gravity, pregnancy, and fluctuations in weight can adversely impact your results and lead to sagging. Fortunately, these issues can be easily corrected by a breast augmentation revision procedure. If you are experiencing significant sagging, Dr. Bottger may also recommend a breast lift for enhanced results.
  • Complications – While rare, breast augmentation complications do occur on occasion. Issues such as capsular contracture or implant rupture may require a revision procedure to restore your excellent results. Fortunately, the risk of complications is reduced significantly when you work with a highly skilled, experienced plastic surgeon.

Dr. Bottger is a board certified plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience with breast augmentation in the Philadelphia area. Whether you are going for your first breast augmentation or need a revision procedure, Dr. Bottger’s extensive experience and training will help you achieve the beautiful, long lasting results you desire.

If you live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and are interested in finding out whether you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation revision procedure, please contact Philadelphia breast augmentation surgeon Dr. David Bottger today.