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Archives for October 2013

Breast Augmentation and Body Shape

Your breast augmentation procedure should improve the size and shape of your chest, but it should also complement and enhance your entire body. Working with you on an individual basis, Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. David Bottger will assess your entire body, taking into account your unique curves and dimensions, to ensure your breast augmentation ideally suits your body shape.

To determine what breast augmentation options are best for your body type, Dr. Bottger will need to consider your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Chest width
  • Natural breast size and position
  • Hip and waist sizes

Your breast size should be in proportion with your natural features to help ensure natural looking results. For example, women with larger hips often benefit from larger implants, but for women with smaller hips, a curvier physique may be achieved with smaller breast implants placed to produce a more pronounced profile. The variations are endless, but our plastic surgeon will provide you with a full array of breast augmentation options and his expert guidance to help ensure your procedure complements and balances your entire body.

If you live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and are interested in learning what breast augmentation can do for your body, please contact Dr. David Bottger today to schedule an initial consultation.

Determining the Best Breast Implant Manufacturer

When you are discussing the types of breast implants offered by Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. David Bottger, it is not uncommon to wonder if one brand is superior. The truth is, while there are some differences between the outer shells of implants from various manufacturers, there is no single brand that is best.

We are fortunate to have some of the world’s most reputable breast implant manufacturers operating in the United States. The type of implant that is best for you depends much more on factors such as size, shape, texture, and filling than on who made the implant. Dr. Bottger will be happy to discuss this with you in greater detail during your  breast augmentation consultation.

Dr. Bottger will provide you with several options before your breast augmentation procedure. Of these, the decisions made about your breast implants will play a key role in your final aesthetic results. Your breast implant options include:

  • Filling – saline or silicone
  • Size
  • Shape – rounded or tear-drop
  • Surface – smooth or textured

These choices will help Dr. Bottger determine which manufacturer should supply your implants, but rest assured that regardless of the implant chosen, it will be of the highest quality.

To learn more about your breast augmentation options in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, please contact Dr. David Bottger today to schedule an initial consultation.