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Breast Implant Sizers and Volume Sizer Systems

One of the most important parts of the preoperative routine for breast augmentation involves determining the right size breast implant to address your aesthetic goals. During your initial consultation at our Philadelphia plastic surgery office, Dr. Bottger will discuss your desired breast size and provide you with several tools to help you understand how various sized implants will impact your breast appearance.

One of the breast implant sizers tools is the volume sizing system (VSS). The VSS kit contains over a dozen different silicone cups of varying size and shape. You can try these different cups on with a special bra in order to get a clearer understanding of how your new breast implants will look and feel.

Breast implant sizers are another tool used to help determine the ideal size breast implant to achieve your goals. Sizers are actual breast implants that can be used during the procedure to help Dr. Bottger determine the right size implant to insert. During your consultation, you can view and feel these devices in order to learn about the different sizes and styles available to you.

These visualization techniques will help ensure you and Dr. Bottger are on the same page when choosing the ultimate size and style of breast implant. This step is crucial to achieving beautiful, natural looking breast augmentation results that help you look and feel your very best.

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