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Breast Augmentation Costs & Financing

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our patients an array of financing options to make their cosmetic surgery procedures (including breast augmentation) more affordable. We use three very reliable financing options that specialize in loans to pay for cosmetic surgery: Care CreditReliance Finance Company, and www.surgeryloans.com. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your loan will be approved; that decision is not ours to make.

Reliance Medical Finance offers the lowest interest rates currently available to cosmetic surgery patients; some rates are as low as 9.9% below comparable rates by other lending companies specializing in medical bill loans. Reliance’s plan even allows you to pick the length of the loan term to best suit your financial standing. Offering generous payment schedules of 12 to 28 months, Reliance definitely works with patients to make their surgery affordable.

Care Credit offers loans with low fixed rates from 1.9% APR to 23.9%. Payment schedules may range from 18 months to 5 years.

During your breast augmentation consultation, our staff can discuss affordable financing options and how to apply. If you live in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania and are considering breast augmentation surgery, please contact our office today to schedule your first appointment.