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Setting Breast Augmentation Expectations with New Communication Tool

At Philadelphia breast surgeon Dr. David Bottger’s office, getting the breast augmentation results you desire is more than just getting the right size for your new breasts. In setting your breast augmentation expectations, it’s also important to get the shape you desire. When it comes to the problem of shape for breast augmentation results, there are two problems. The first problem is deciding what shape is generally considered aesthetic, which a British plastic surgeon addressed last year. The second problem is properly communicating with patients about the type of results they desire in terms of the shape of their post-augmentation breasts.

A US surgeon also attempted to address this problem this year by creating a classification system for breast augmentation results that helps patients and plastic surgeons talk about the desired results in terms of natural or artificial appearance based primarily on fullness in the upper pole of the breast. The surgeon’s classification system is broken into five classes:

  • Class 1: Appears “natural” with no fullness in the upper pole (straight or concave slope from shoulder to nipple)
  • Class 2: Appears “natural” with mild fullness in the upper pole
  • Class 3: Appears less “natural” with moderate superior pole fullness
  • Class 4: Appears round with significant upper pole fullness
  • Class 5: Appears very round with maximum fullness in the upper pole

Not all surgeons and patients may agree with the desirability of achieving a natural appearance with breast augmentation. It’s important to talk to your surgeon about this goal, and ask to see examples of surgical results that are designed to look more subtle or more full.

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