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What Happens to Breast Implants as You Age, Gain Weight, or Get Pregnant?

Breast augmentation can be a life-changing procedure, helping you improve the size and shape of your breasts. Most women can expect to enjoy beautiful breast augmentation results for many years. But it is important to understand that changes to your body associated with aging, weight gain, or future pregnancies can impact the appearance of your breasts following your procedure.

As you age, your natural breast tissue will become more lax. Over time, this may result in sagging issues, even among women with breast implants. If you begin to experience sagging down the road, Dr. Bottger can address the problem by performing a breast lift to restore a perkier breast appearance.

Fluctuations in weight impact all women differently. For some women, the size of their breasts is the first thing affected by weight fluctuations. For others, it may be the last part of your body impacted. These tendencies are determined by genetics, and are not affected by the presence of breast implants. Therefore, the size and shape of your breasts may potentially change after breast augmentation if you gain or lose a significant amount of weight. In order to avoid this, you will want to maintain a rigorous diet and exercise regimen.

According to Philadelphia cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Bottger, breast implants will not impact your ability to become pregnant or breastfeed. However, future pregnancies may impact the results of your breast augmentation. Pregnancy and breastfeeding often impacts the size of your breasts. During this time, they typically become larger. After you are done breastfeeding, you will most likely experience a loss of breast volume. These fluctuations can adversely impact your results, causing sagging issues. Dr. Bottger can correct this by performing a breast lift. However, you may want to wait until you are done having children before undergoing breast augmentation.

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